02 diciembre 2010

Taxin art. Betatank.

Is this art or design?


Pleats-Pleats. Imaginary Office.

Lothed polyurethane foam, that wraps around a white powder coated steel pipe frame in a macramé style make this nice plait sofa.


29 noviembre 2010

Eiffel Stool. Shigeki Fujishiro.

They are not just amazing because of their shape, they are made of a special paper developed in Europe, that consist of pure pulp and recycled paper. 

14 noviembre 2010

Kopra Burst. David Weeks.

Powdercoated Steel black lamp wich you can rotate to direct light where you need it most.

Les Mossettes. Frederic Dedelley.

Don Draper would be delighted to sit on this lounge chair, inspired by the shape of a road barrier in Tokyo and I bet an inner Charlotte Perriand's influence.

10 noviembre 2010

Scaffold vase. Freshwest.

19th century chinese vase made by 3600 elements. The water is on a glass placed at the foot of the vase.


Solid chair. Patrick Jouin.

 Its a pitty there are only 30 in the world.

03 noviembre 2010

02 noviembre 2010

25 octubre 2010

06 agosto 2010

Ruckstuhl Frisian Wouw. Claudy Jongstra.

Amazing arty rugs.


Magnet light. Jochem Faudet.

The lamp components held together with Neodymium magnets.
The electricity goes through the magnets without a need of a cable and the length of the light is changeable by adding or removing the arm component. Really nice.