30 julio 2010

Branca chair. Sam Hecht.

Wooden chair inspired by branches made in part by a robot. Ten by ten.  
Sam Hecht from Industrial facility for Mattiazzi Milán.

Linz Hocker. Thomas Feichtner.


Designers create furniture for spaces but this process is upside down with Linz Hocker's stool,
it has been designed for an installation in "Der Fall Forum Design", for a later distribution by Vitra.


29 julio 2010

RGB Vases. Óscar Díaz.

Barbarella's favourite vases are made with the traditional glass blowing process.


Folia. José Alberto González.

This classic Brazilian tables has been designed in this 2010 in Spain by José Alberto González.

28 julio 2010

Bidoun. Katrin Greiling.

Without knowing it, Beduins have created one of the coolest sofas of today.
Katrin Greiling knows how to take the best of the traditional arab visual culture and create with that stuff a series of sofas, ottomans, benches and tables for the Bidoun lounge at Art Park, in Art Dubai. 
The sofa system involves several mattresses stacked onto a base and fixed by a cord.
The seating height of the furniture can be adjusted by adding/removing mattresses, as well as the appearance, bringing a different fabric to the top.
This is the first collection developed by traffic.

08 julio 2010

Frozen in time. Wieki Somers.

Refreshing lamp for this Madrid's 38 desgrees day.


Anish Kapoor.

I know it is a sacrilege but sometimes I only see art as furniture. Anish Kapoor forgive me.


06 julio 2010

Void light, Light tripod stand cone lights, Beat light stout, Mirror balls / Tom Dixon.

Tom Dixon's Magistral lamp class. Always creating inmediate classics.