30 junio 2010

Rocking on the beach. Joon & Jung.

The ugliness of the city can take you now to the beautyfulness of the seashore.
Joon & Jung's Rocking on the beach chairs combine pipes making this perfect ugly cool chair in which you can dream you are near the sea. 
They create products "learning from the environment, designing the essential of this era".


Asteroide. Harri Koskinen.

A classical chandelier for life in space, is produced by Venini.


Pressed chair. Harry Thaler.

This Harry Thaler sit is the most remarcable object presented on the Royal college of arts show. 
His proposal was to build a chair without any joints and made just with one material, aluminium 100% reciclable. 
The point is, would this new old chair long to become old, or the legs would break before two years pass? 


29 junio 2010

Flow 2. studio GORM.

The second version of this romantic kitchen starts as a good idea and a perfect execution,
but we`re far away of watering a plant with soap and don't kill it.
Studio Gorm should adapt it to real life, I would probably get one.


28 junio 2010

Ettore sottsass.

"If you have good design you will have a better society"

Arquitect and designer.
He was one of the founders of Memphis, and a consultor of design for Olivetti.
One of the best examples that design and art can walk side by side.


25 junio 2010

Home collection. Suki Cheema.

The underrated piece of furniture claims its space. Suki Cheema understands that very well and develop this pieces of cloth series 
to warm up spaces with the freshness of India.


24 junio 2010

Xanadu House. Bob Masters.

The Xanadu Houses were a series of experimental homes, built to showcase examples of 
computers and automation in the home in the United States. The architectural project began in 
1979, and during the early 1980s three houses were built in different parts of the United States: 
one each in Kissimmee, Florida; Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin; and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The 
houses included novel construction and design techniques, and became popular tourist 
attractions during the 1980s.

The Xanadu Houses were notable for being built with polyurethane insulation foam rather than 
concrete, for easy, fast, and cost-effective construction. They were ergonomically designed, and 
contained some of the earliest home automation systems. The Kissimmee Xanadu, designed by 
Roy Mason, was the most popular, and at its peak was attracting 1000 visitors every day. The 
Wisconsin Dells and Gatlinburg houses were closed and demolished in the early 1990s; the 
Kissimmee Xanadu House was closed in 1996 and demolished in October 2005.

18 junio 2010

Paper porcelain. Scholten Baijings.

Ripa Chair. Rodrigo Almeida.


Ueli Berger.

Sculptor, painter, designer in Ersigen/BE.
After school voluntary work with Hans Eichenberger. 

1961 federal diploma of arts. 
1965 head of the design and processing department of the company Troesch.
From 1967 various art objects in collaboration with his wife.
From 1971 freelance artist and designer.